And we’re back

So, I’m getting the blog back together. This WordPress installation has been rotting on my web server for awhile. I figure it is time to use it. I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. The back end is really nice. The platform has really grown in the years I have been using it. I’ll blog when I have something to say. I’ll still being taking a look at gadgets and other technology trends. Pop culture, stuff I find on the Interwebz, local topics, movies and music all fair game. Stay tuned.

Part of the reason I am doing this blog is to keep my writing skills updated. Since I left the newspaper business in 2008, my writing skillset has somewhat atrophied. I use simple sentences way too much. Time to step up my game.

By the way, this WordPress theme is called Fusion 3.1 by digitalnature. I will be experimenting with different themes and customization options.



The girlfriend has now decided to get a bigger television screen. Her 47-inch LCD will be bigger than my 42-inch plasma.

Suddenly, I feel small.

Plasma televisions seem to be going the way of the dodo bird. Pioneer recently shut down production. Many experts and AV geeks consider plasma to be a superior technology for display of movies and games. Colors are brighter and blacks are deeper. Viewing angles are also better.

Concerns about burn-in, reliability and power consumption have kept consumers away from plasma. Today’s modern plasma TVs have worked through those challenges for the most part, but LCD still gains ground.

On starting a new blog

I’ve started a lot of blogs during the past few years. They all seem to fall by the wayside. Part of the problem is selecting the blogging platform. Although I have played around with Movable Type, blogger, and various Mac-specific blogging applications, I keep coming back to WordPress. This blog is in the latest version of WordPress (2.7) and a highly recommend it. The dashboard interface is more intuitive and there are more options. The theme I am using is called gears. Next, I’ll be hooking up one of my Mac blog applications to tie into the new blog.