Minireview: Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard

Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard

Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard makes a good couch keyboard.


My collection of keyboards, mice and trackballs continues to grow. A recent addition is the  Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard.

I’m using this with my second older iMac. That computer sits to the side of the big iMac and runs Windows XP for work purposes. MAWK is and easily connected to the iMac (Microsoft provides software for both Mac and Windows). The keyboard uses Bluetooth to connect to a small dongle plugged into the USS port of the computer. I haven’t tried connecting directly. The keyboard software appears pretty stable and customizable. I’ve not adapted yet for Mac OS X, the iMac is still a little confused regarding the command key. Keyboard action is excellent with responsive with weighted keys.. The board is in an arc and slightly raised in the middle. This would be a great option for someone with a media center computer, either Mac or PC.  I also wish it had illumination.

And we’re back

So, I’m getting the blog back together. This WordPress installation has been rotting on my web server for awhile. I figure it is time to use it. I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. The back end is really nice. The platform has really grown in the years I have been using it. I’ll blog when I have something to say. I’ll still being taking a look at gadgets and other technology trends. Pop culture, stuff I find on the Interwebz, local topics, movies and music all fair game. Stay tuned.

Part of the reason I am doing this blog is to keep my writing skills updated. Since I left the newspaper business in 2008, my writing skillset has somewhat atrophied. I use simple sentences way too much. Time to step up my game.

By the way, this WordPress theme is called Fusion 3.1 by digitalnature. I will be experimenting with different themes and customization options.



The girlfriend has now decided to get a bigger television screen. Her 47-inch LCD will be bigger than my 42-inch plasma.

Suddenly, I feel small.

Plasma televisions seem to be going the way of the dodo bird. Pioneer recently shut down production. Many experts and AV geeks consider plasma to be a superior technology for display of movies and games. Colors are brighter and blacks are deeper. Viewing angles are also better.

Concerns about burn-in, reliability and power consumption have kept consumers away from plasma. Today’s modern plasma TVs have worked through those challenges for the most part, but LCD still gains ground.

On starting a new blog

I’ve started a lot of blogs during the past few years. They all seem to fall by the wayside. Part of the problem is selecting the blogging platform. Although I have played around with Movable Type, blogger, and various Mac-specific blogging applications, I keep coming back to WordPress. This blog is in the latest version of WordPress (2.7) and a highly recommend it. The dashboard interface is more intuitive and there are more options. The theme I am using is called gears. Next, I’ll be hooking up one of my Mac blog applications to tie into the new blog.