Quick impressions of the iPhone 5

I’ve used the device for about three weeks and I am pretty happy. It’s the best iPhone I’ve had yet. On the Verizon network, it rocks. Pros Faster processing and better reception. Recent trips to Mammoth Cave and the Mojave Desert yielded good signal strength. No dropped calls yet. LTE speeds. Zoom. Indy, Yorktown, and […]

Fun on craigslist

Whenever I post something for sale on Craigslist, I always get the usual scammer. A person — that  can barely write — wants to send me a certified check and then have someone pick the item up. Sometimes, they even ask me to ship it. Of course, they are always out of the country. Riiiiiiiight. […]

Nice try, spammers

Received today: You have one new alert message! Account: AT&T Home Phone & DSL Internet Subject: Security Alert! Received: 28/07/2011 – 13:11 PM Thursday (PDT) We recently reviewed your account, and we need more information about your business to allow us to provide uninterrupted service. Until we can collect this information, your access to sensitive […]