Visiting an old friend for Become a Pilot Day 2014

This Friday, my wife and I leave for the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, located in Chantilly, VA. We’re attending a social media meetup for Become A Pilot Day. Here’s what is planned, according to the NASM social media folks: This is our 10th annual Become A Pilot Day and […]

Blogging versus Social Media

I realize posts on this blog are few and far between, but I make no apologies. For one, I reach a larger audience with my social media efforts. You can follow me on Twitter (@indygadgetguy), Instagram (indygadgetguy) and Flickr. Blogs serve their purpose, and for years I led blogging efforts for local media. Even back […]

Cooking with Gadget Guy

Two years ago I bought a Big Green Egg and started grilling. My first test was a disaster, but since I’ve gotten really good at burgers. My family now looks forward to my grilling escapades. Even my oldest stepson — who doesn’t like meat — likes my burgers. This Christmas, I threw caution to the […]

Genetic testing: My $99 lesson

Last year, I participated in The Genographic Project, a DNA testing that identifies genetic ancestry. Much has been written about the perils of genetic testing, but the project has a scientific purpose and handles DNA results with appropriate privacy. I still recommend it to people. Three months ago I became interested in 23andMe‘s DNA testing service. In […]

Belated thoughts on the Federal government shutdown

The government shutdown cost America $24 billion dollars. Let’s put that in perspective. NASA’s annual budget is about $18 billion. Besides the political grandstanding over the issue, I was deeply bothered by the disrespect shown towards Federal government workers. One member of the House of Representatives berated a National Park ranger for following orders to […]

Meeting Major Mancheck

  In two weeks, I’ll be attending a NASA Social at Vandenberg Air Force Base. The event is a two-day affair featuring the launch of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission What is Landsat? It is “the longest running enterprise for acquisition of satellite imagery of Earth,” states Wikipedia, and a joint effort between NASA and USGS. It was […]