Some legislative ideas for government

I’ve often thought about running for office. I like public service, but not politics. I still believe government can have a positive impact on our lives. I’ve written to my legislators about the following ideas:

  1. I see many utility companies trimming and removing trees from power lines right-of-way. I don’t fault them for that. It must be done. I think it would be very neighborly of them, though, to do an equal replacement of trees in public spaces. Communities are strapped for cash, so often time tree planting doesn’t make the budget. I’ve contacted my state legislators to see if a state law could be written. Ideally, the utility companies should volunteer. I suspect many do, but you don’t hear about those efforts. Donating trees to be planted in a local park would be great PR for utilities companies.
  2. The┬áColumbus Day federal holiday is a bit antiquated. Columbus didn’t discover America and it certainly didn’t end well for Native Americans. I propose turning Columbus Day into Explorer Day. Americans should celebrate our sea, land, air and space explorations. Let’s honor Earhart, Ballard, Armstrong, etc. Discovery didn’t start with Columbus and it hasn’t ended with him.

If you find validity in these ideas, I encourage you to make your voice heard to your legislators and governments.

Published by Scott Davis

Former newspaper journalist, now government webmaster. Life-long geek.