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Cooking Prime Rib on Christmas Day.
Cooking Prime Rib on Christmas Day.

Two years ago I bought a Big Green Egg and started grilling. My first test was a disaster, but since I’ve gotten really good at burgers. My family now looks forward to my grilling escapades. Even my oldest stepson — who doesn’t like meat — likes my burgers.

This Christmas, I threw caution to the wind and decided to cook prime rib. It’s quite a leap from burgers, but these sources helped:

My process

I bought a good boneless cut of meat from Lahody Meats in Muncie. I let it warm to room temperature for about an hour, then seasoned it with sea salt, pepper and rosemary. I placed the meat on a v-rack, and placed that rack in a drip pan filled with beef stock and a small amount of garlic. I used a place setter in my Big Green Egg for indirect heating.

The biggest challenge was getting the grill lid unfrozen. I didn’t anticipate that and had to light a fire through the top cap to unfreeze the hinge and gaskets. That set me back about an hour.

The roast was about five pounds, so I cooked at about 300f for about two hours. Occasionally, I poured some more beef stock over the roast to keep it moist.

At the end, I removed the place setter, added more charcoal and fired up the grill to 500f for a quick two-minute sear on the roast.

I like my prime rib a little more done than the usual rare, and this turned out awesome. Best prime rib I’ve ever had. The family and relatives were also extremely happy with it.

I monitored the grill from inside the house using the Stoker WiFi temperature control/monitoring system. The system has a basic web interface so I could set temperatures and alarm via a web browser or application on my iPhone with StokeMasteror BBQ Monitor. I even had my grill Tweeting my temperature numbers.

In addition to grilling the prime rib, I also deep-fried a turkey. That’s a future blog post. Stay tuned.

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