Belated thoughts on the Federal government shutdown

One of my favorite demotivational posters.
One of my favorite demotivational posters.
One of my favorite demotivational posters.

The government shutdown cost America $24 billion dollars.

Let’s put that in perspective.

NASA’s annual budget is about $18 billion.

Besides the political grandstanding over the issue, I was deeply bothered by the disrespect shown towards Federal government workers.

One member of the House of Representatives berated a National Park ranger for following orders to only allow WWII veterans to visit the D.C. WWII memorial.

Many Americans see federal government workers as nothing more than leeches on our income. I see park rangers and NASA scientists that are good at their jobs and passionate about moving our nation forward. They also spend money and contribute to the economy.

America should continue the discussion about the government’s appropriate size and scope for our society, but we should all agree that some government is necessary. Governments are not perfect, but that’s because mankind is not perfect. There are government programs that are wasteful and have committed horrible actions. ┬áThere are programs that are thrifty and have brought wonder and made our lives better. It bothers me that people often focus on the negative aspects and overlook the positive ones.

The gridlock in Washington can be summarized in this manner: The problem with Republicans is they say “no” too much. The problem with Democrats is they say “yes” too much.

This centrist wishes we could find a happy medium.

By Scott Davis

Former newspaper journalist, now government webmaster. Life-long geek.