Election 2012: We’re all in this together. Or, calm the frack down.

I rarely write about political matters on this blog, but I do feel the need to speak on this topic.

I’m sure we are all glad the nation’s crazy season is over, but the emotional responses to the outcome have sadden me. It is time to put our emotions and fear in check, dig deep and get things done. Silly signs, racial Twitter slurs, threatening people’s jobs, and talk about armed rebellions and seceding from the union are not going to solve our nation’s problems.

We need to discuss big issues and solve them with intelligence and compassion, not ideology and hatred. America can be sane and civil. Opposing viewpoints are needed moving forward, but they should be based on logic not fear.

I’m sure you are thinking “this is easy for me to write because my candidate won.” Honestly, I would feel the same way if the other candidate won. I would want either person to be successful as POTUS. In reality, both men would govern from the middle.

Bottom line, do something more than just express an emotional opinion and attempt to punish those that don’t think they way you do.

Start by seeing the Lincoln movie.


By Scott Davis

Former newspaper journalist, now government webmaster. Life-long geek.