Is Redbox new game rental service a value?

Is Redbox video game rentals a bargain?

RedBox is trumpeting their new service of video game rentals. I assume they rent for $1 a night. – cost is difficult to find in their public relations materials. Will this be successful addition? At surface value, it would seem so. An average video game costs $49.95 or more these days. One could rent a game from Redbox for 10 nights and still come out ahead in the pocket book. Few video games can be played in a typical 24 hour period. A better solution is a mail video game rental service such as GameFly.

I’ve used GameFly for a few years awhile ago and found the service to be great, even though manuals were not included with the video games. The service works much like Netflix. Different membership levels allow you to have one, two or three games out at a time for a monthly fee. To have one game out at a time, it is currently $17 a month. Bottom line, if you believe you will have a rented videogame out for more 17 days or more, it’s better to do GameFly than Redbox.

Published by Scott Davis

Former newspaper journalist, now government webmaster. Life-long geek.