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Cooking Prime Rib on Christmas Day.

Two years ago I bought a Big Green Egg and started grilling. My first test was a disaster, but since I’ve gotten really good at burgers. My family now looks forward to my grilling escapades. Even my oldest stepson — who doesn’t like meat — likes my burgers. This Christmas, I threw caution to the… Continue reading Cooking with Gadget Guy

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Genetic testing: My $99 lesson

23andMe DNA testing kit. Photo from

Last year, I participated in The Genographic Project,¬†a DNA testing that identifies genetic ancestry. Much has been written about the perils of genetic testing, but the project has a scientific purpose and handles DNA results with appropriate privacy. I still recommend it to people. Three months ago I became interested in 23andMe‘s DNA testing¬†service. In… Continue reading Genetic testing: My $99 lesson