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Crazy Amazon packaging

This is probably the largest box I’ve ever received from Amazon. Note Ray peeking around the corner in the lower left. Here’s what was inside it (review to come later):

Spammers evolve

Here’s a new wrinkle: This email is intended to make you aware of the complaint number No 87710 filled with the International Chamber of Commerce by Hughes Trading LTD on 13.06.2011. The ICC is an arbitrary organization and this trough this message we make an appeal to your common sense trying to reach a common… Continue reading Spammers evolve

Ode to old media

I was cleaning out my closet over the weekend and it struck me how many obsolete media formats I still have. I found: Floppy disks with software and graphics from the early 90s. ZIP disks with software and graphics from the late 90s miniDV tapes with documentary footage from 2006 Software CDs In the media room:… Continue reading Ode to old media