How Netgear and EyeFi have angered loyal customers

This past week, I’ve received “wonderful” news from EyeFi and NETGEAR: EyeFi is discontinuing support and service for their Eye-Fi X2 and earlier generation wireless camera cards. Netgear is shutting down the VueZone home wireless video surveillance system. Both companies want to EOL the technology and associated services to put more resources into the newer […]

Why your fitness plan may be a losing game

Employers are pushing fitness plans to lower insurance costs. Mine is no exception. Last year, I was invited to “invest in my health” by implementing a plan with a website that set health goals and recorded fitness activity. I did so, and received an $1,000 discount off my family health insurance policy for achieving my goals. This year, I’ve had to […]

Cooking with Gadget Guy

Two years ago I bought a Big Green Egg and started grilling. My first test was a disaster, but since I’ve gotten really good at burgers. My family now looks forward to my grilling escapades. Even my oldest stepson — who doesn’t like meat — likes my burgers. This Christmas, I threw caution to the […]

Quick impressions of the iPhone 5

I’ve used the device for about three weeks and I am pretty happy. It’s the best iPhone I’ve had yet. On the Verizon network, it rocks. Pros Faster processing and better reception. Recent trips to Mammoth Cave and the Mojave Desert yielded good signal strength. No dropped calls yet. LTE speeds. Zoom. Indy, Yorktown, and […]