Thanks, Amazon

They just sent me a credit for $19 to use on Amazon Instant Video: Hello, As someone who has purchased digital movies or TV shows in high-definition (HD) from Amazon Instant Video, we wanted to provide you more information about how we deliver HD content. It is our goal to provide you an uninterrupted viewing […]

Minireview: Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard

  My collection of keyboards, mice and trackballs continues to grow. A recent addition is theĀ  Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard. I’m using this with my second older iMac. That computer sits to the side of the big iMac and runs Windows XP for work purposes. MAWK is and easily connected to the iMac (Microsoft provides […]

And we’re back

So, I’m getting the blog back together. This WordPress installation has been rotting on my web server for awhile. I figure it is time to use it. I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. The back end is really nice. The platform has really grown in the years I have been using it. I’ll […]

Getting the hair off couches

Remind me never to get a white dog with dark micro suede couches. I’ve been using the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair to keep Ray’s hair off my couches. So far, it rocks. Ray hair can be quite stubborn. I’ve had to run the gizmo over an area several times. We’ll see if it […]


The girlfriend has now decided to get a bigger television screen. Her 47-inch LCD will be bigger than my 42-inch plasma. Suddenly, I feel small. Plasma televisions seem to be going the way of the dodo bird. Pioneer recently shut down production. Many experts and AV geeks consider plasma to be a superior technology for […]

A scifi take on storage

The past month I’ve spent time organizing my garage with Rubbermaid Roughneck Totes and peg board. It’s looking pretty spiffy…for me. Roughneck Totes are pricey at about $7 a pop, but well worth keeping those action figures and comic books safe from moisture. They can easily be stacked to save space. Long before the Roughneck […]