I spent my 50th birthday wandering a radioactive wasteland

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This article chronicles my Jan 30, 2019 tour of the Nevada National Security Site. I primarily focus on the major tour stops. The details of the numerous locations inside the proving ground fill books and websites. I’ve linked to supporting material when appropriate. Because our group was not allowed to carry cameras, cell […]

Why Net Neutrality Is More Important Than You Know

Today was #NetNeutralityAction Day. Because I work with online communications in the public sector, this is an important issue for me. I’ve contacted my representatives in Congress with my thoughts. Trump’s FCC is currently attempting to roll back the Tittle II regulations which prevent broadband providers (i.e. Comcast) from charging added fees to content provides […]

Why no man is an island

A new state law on July 1 requires children (those under 18 years of age) to wear helmets when riding in off-road vehicles. The law has some upset because it applies to actions on private property. Hoosiers are an independent lot, but the uproar doesn’t seem rational or logical to me. First, people are complaining […]

A busy healthy past few weeks

Since losing about 60 pounds, I’ve attempted to remain active and take better care of myself. Two recent accomplishments: I’ve received my first aid and CPR certification from the Red Cross. I was a student in a class taught by one of my colleagues at work. I volunteered, since I usually sit next to the […]

How Netgear and EyeFi have angered loyal customers

This past week, I’ve received “wonderful” news from EyeFi and NETGEAR: EyeFi is discontinuing support and service for their Eye-Fi X2 and earlier generation wireless camera cards. Netgear is shutting down the VueZone home wireless video surveillance system. Both companies want to EOL the technology and associated services to put more resources into the newer […]

About that Sleepy Hollow season three finale…

FOX’s Sleepy Hollow has been an entertaining diversion for me for three seasons. The show – about a Revolutionary War solider appearing in present day America to battle demons – has filled a niche missing since The X-Files and Fringe went off the air. Essentially a supernatural police procedural,  I found the historical aspects of […]

Celebrating fifty years of Star Trek music

For my belated birthday gift, my wife bought tickets to the Star Trek Ultimate Voyage Tour. We attended the concert at the Old National Center in Indianapolis on Friday, March 18. The event featured music from fifty years of the Star Trek, spanning both the TV series and movies.  The scores were performed by a […]